Is Saving Energy Really that Hard to do? Apparently it is for Some?

As many of us have been told for years, programmable thermostats are worth their weight in gold when it comes to energy savings. Well, maybe not gold these days, but you get the point. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs are one of the largest expenses associated with commercial buildings. Savings from using a programmable thermostat can be impressive. Recent studies show that proper usage of a programmable thermostat can cut business' heating costs by approximately 25%. In the summer, … [Continue reading]

Green Buildings need Clean Electrical Power for Sustainability

Major changes are taking place in the United States as we all move forward to reduced energy consumption and utilization of renewable energy sources in our homes, offices, campus environments, and factories. As new technology becomes available with ever increasing returns on investment many owners are ready to become part of the “Green Movement” that is currently taking place all across america. No question about it the time is right for all us to move forward with our Green initiatives. With this in mind … [Continue reading]

Kele Services

Often times when people think of Kele they think of our huge product selection and availability. It’s true—not only does Kele provide nearly 60,000 products to choose from, we also have unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of product SKUs from over 300 of the industry’s premier manufacturers. But did you know that Kele has several services that could help drastically simplify your projects and workload? Here are some of our most used services: 1. Custom Panel Fabrication Kele has been building … [Continue reading]

Coming Soon—New & 2014-15 Kele Catalog

At Kele—we’re committed to providing you the best products, services and solutions in the building automation and HVAC/R industries. And we’re starting 2014 off with two new solutions that will help you get the job done right! In the first quarter we will be launching a new and will be releasing our 2014-15 Kele catalog. New Fresh, sleek and easy-to-use are just some of the things people are saying to describe the new But we didn’t just update the look and feel of the … [Continue reading]

When the Controls Just Won’t Work

I have an old engineer friend I’ll call Bucky (not his real name). Bucky was burned years ago when he designed an HVAC system that turned out to have insufficient capacity to keep the building comfortable in winter. In fact, the perimeter offices were in the low 50s (°F) (low teens °C) when the first cold snap hit. When I say he was burned, I mean it figuratively – but the occupants of the building were thinking about burning him literally. Well, old Bucky was not going to be burned again. We joke that the … [Continue reading]

THE (RS-485 Network) TERMINATOR Or The Dance of the Data Pulses

If you’re involved with building automation systems you know (unless you’ve been living under a rock like the guy in that insurance commercial) that the modern trend is to connect all your building controls together on networks. Networks make it easy to add or move control nodes as your building control needs change since the nodes all connect to the network in a consistent, simple manner. Obviously the various monitoring and control nodes on a building automation network must be able to talk to each other … [Continue reading]